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      There are a lot of sports bettors beginners who would like to sign up for sports Arabic betting sites, but this can be difficult for them especially if they do not have a strong background in mathematics and statistics. However, you don’t need to be a math genius to enjoy sports betting, you just need to understand the basics. Arabic bet guide will explain to you the most important essentials of football betting.

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      How to rate sports betting sites?

      How to rate sports betting sites?

      To be able to choose the best sports betting site, you must evaluate the sites available to you according to the criteria that directly affect the betting experience that you will get.

      The first and most important of these criteria is security and reliability, as you must choose a bookmaker that has a license from one of the government committees such as:

      • UK Gambling Commission
      • Curaçao Games Authority
      • Malta Commission
      • Gibraltar Authority

      Having the seal of one of these bodies on the betting site means that you will get a completely fair and honest gaming experience, your data will be secured by the strongest global encryption protocols, and you will be able to make your deposits and withdrawals quickly and without delay.

      In order to get the best gaming experience, the Arabic bet guide recommends that you subscribe to one of the Arabic betting sites we recommend to you such as Betfinal! As it enjoys the license of the Curaçao Gaming Commission, it offers new bettors an impressive 100% welcome bonus of up to $100, and players get more offers in the long run.

      1.     Register a new account on the football betting site

      The process of signing up for a new online sports account usually only takes a few minutes. You will need to provide your first and last name, email address, password, and other details requested by the site.

      2.     Make your first deposit

      After you have successfully signed up for the football Arabic betting site and activate your account, you can go to the “Cashier” tab located at the top of the sports betting site’s home page. Visa and Mastercard, PayPal and Skrill e-wallets, as well as prepaid cards.

      You can make your first deposit easily and without any problems, but if you want to withdraw your profits, you will have to confirm your account by sending your personal documents such as identity card, address confirmation, and a picture of the financial means you use while hiding sensitive data.

      3.     Find the tournament or match you want to bet on

      All sports betting sites display the most important game matches that will be playing soon on the home page, and if you do not find the match you want to bet on is on the home page, you can search for it in the list on the left of the home page, and you can also use the search feature for faster access the sport you want to watch.

      Arabic bet guide suggests popular betting sites like Bet365 and Betfinal that support both global and local sports tournaments.

      Once you choose the match you want to bet on, you will find 3 basic odds to bet:

      • The away team wins
      • A tie
      • The home team wins

      If you want to place other types of bet, you can click on the name of the match and other types will appear. Once you choose the type of bet, its slip will appear and you can specify the amount you want to bet, and the expected return will appear to you. After that, you have to click on the “Confirm” button to activate your bet.

      4.     Types of sports bets

      There are many different types of sports betting which include the following possibilities:

      • Straight Bets
      • Future Bets
      • Special bets
      • Accumulative bets (Parlay)

      And because these bets are everywhere, understanding them is crucial to becoming a successful sports bettor.

      1. Straight Bets

      Straight Bets

      Straight bets are the basic type of bet in football and any other sport, and these bets are placed on individual matches, and there are 3 types of straight bets and they are:

      • Money line
      • Spread Points
      • Total Points

      For example, if you expect Liverpool FC to beat Manchester City, you can place a Money Line bet, and you can win this bet if Liverpool wins regardless of the number of goals, fouls or any other match.

      2. Future Bets

      Future bets are high payout and high stakes bets too! These bets predict the outcome of the season in general. You can place these bets on everything from championship and league winning teams to award-winning players such as the Golden Ball or the Golden Boot. However, anticipating these odds will be very difficult for novices and professional players alike, however, the prizes offered by these bets are huge and well worth the risk, so if you have strong anticipation about the results of tournaments and leagues you can place these bets.

      3. Special Bets

      Specials bets have nothing to do with the outcome of matches, but include a set of random events that occur during a match. For example, you can bet that a player will score the first goal of the match, the number of yellow cards the referee will show, other odds that are difficult to predict, and the number of corner kicks for the home team. Although these bets are random and difficult to predict, they offer bettors huge profits..

      4.    Accumulative bets (Parlays Bets)

      Accumulator bets are a group of betting options on different matches and tournaments that are included in a single bet. Accumulator bets offer huge payouts to the winners, however, if you lose one bet out of the odds included in your accumulator bet you will lose your entire bet.

      10 tips on how to win football bets

      In fact, winning soccer betting depends largely on luck, however, there are a lot of things that you have to learn in order to become a professional soccer betting beside luck, this means that if you submit all your decisions to luck, you will not get much profit in the run While if you learn the rules of betting and use them accurately, you will be able to make a lot of profits in the long term, and in this guide we will provide you with the most important ten tips that you can rely on to win in football betting in the long term.

      1.    Try the opposite bet strategy

      Opposite bet is a well-known strategy among professional sports bettors. To place the opposite bet you have to take one of the bonuses offered by the football betting site, and bet using your balance on the team win and then place a bet using the bonus value on the opposing team winning. Thus, you are 100% guaranteed to win either bet, however some football betting sites have noticed that a lot of players are applying this strategy so they have banned it in the site terms and conditions. However, you can still try it differently by signing up at two different sites and betting that the team will win at one site, and betting that the opposing team will win at another site..

      2.    Cancel a bet before the end of the match

      Many players and sports bettors believe that taking a risk is the only way to win in football betting. However, this is not always true! If you place a direct bet on the victory of a particular team and that team can outperform its opponent by one or two goals, you will get a profit of 5% or less, which means that if you bet with $100, you will get a profit of $5. This profit may not be very big but it is – at least – guaranteed!

      3.    Gain a small profit

      The basic rule of sports betting is that the higher the risk the higher the profit will be, but, there are many players who ignore the risk and look only at the profits. However, you will find very few professional bookmakers who are targeting huge odds. Why? Because it doesn’t win! So you should not get caught up in bets that give players huge profits and realize that the goal of football betting is to win no matter how small! The point of the profit is to have the assurance that your prediction was correct and that your vision is correct, and profit does not have to be the goal in itself. You can think of different possibilities such as ‘double chance’ and ‘higher/lower’.

      4.    Understand all betting odds

      It is important to understand all the possibilities because if you bet on options that you do not know very well, you may make silly mistakes and miss out on great opportunities to make money. The main and most well-known and popular possibility in football betting is a match bet which requires you to predict the outcome of the match as the home or host team will win or draw. There are countless other possibilities that you can explore. Arabic bet lists one of the most important bets that can be placed on football matches are:
      Double Chance – In this bet, you choose a certain team to win or a tie, and if either result is achieved, you will win your bet, which is an easy bet with high odds of winning.
      Both teams will score (Both teams to score) – This bet is very similar to the previous bet, however, it requires something extra for both teams to score in the match for the player to win the bet.
      Over/Under goals – This bet does not care who will win the match, the only thing that matters here is the number of goals that will be scored.

      5.   Use different football bets

      If you have some experience in the world of online football Arabic betting, you will be familiar with the difference in odds between sports betting sites. If you are new to football Arabic betting, this may come as a surprise to you! However, it is simple and completely easy to understand. For example, imagine that you went to a store to buy clothes and found another store that offered the same clothes but at different prices, which store would you choose?! Likewise, football betting sites offer odds at the value they think is right for them.
      We can take the League Cup final between Tottenham and Brentford as an example. The betting on Spurs offered odds ranging from 1/5 to 3/13. That is, if you bet on spurs of $25, you will get a profit ranging from $5.77 to $7. The other option is to bet on Brentford which gives you a win of $87.50 or just $80.
      The difference may not be huge in this example, but getting the best odds for every bet you place can make a huge difference in your winnings when you bet regularly. Plus, why get low profits when you can get big profits?

      6.    Track your bets

      Arabic bet guide has previously explained the different types of football betting and the importance of diversifying them. However, if you want to keep track of your betting strategy, you must keep a log of your bets, using this logbook you can accurately judge the strategy you are applying. With the accumulation of “data”, you will be able to Find out which bets – and the markets – that pay you the most, and you’ll also learn which bets are constantly losing money.

      7.   Don’t always rely on your feelings

      You may be used to betting on your favorite club or placing your bets on the teams that you think will win, however if you want to get the highest profits from football betting then you should not follow your intuition and base your expectations on accurate foundations. So first you have to choose a tournament, then do a lot of research about it, and then you can decide which match you want to bet on, and predict which team will win, and how many goals they will score. The more information you have, the more you will be able to draw an accurate scenario for the events of the match.

      8.    Start with low bets and gradually increase them

      In order to be able to make huge profits from football bets you have to start with a limited amount, and when you win double the value of your bet, and so on until you make huge winnings, with the same snowball idea!
      In fact, sports betting sites aim to discourage players from implementing this strategy by offering big profits for accumulator bets, yet accumulator bets have a very high risk; So it is best to place only one bet at a time. Here’s a quick look at how to implement this strategy:
      If you bet $ 5 on Liverpool winning against Southampton, you will get a win of $15.50 (match on Monday).
      If you bet $15.50 on Spurs beating Brentford, you will win $22.39 (match on Tuesday).
      If you bet $22.39 for Man City to beat Manchester United, you will win $44.78 (the match is on Wednesday).
      If you bet $44.78 on Wolverhampton winning against Crystal Palace, you will get $87.32 (the match takes place on Friday).
      As you can see, the snowball started with 5 dollars and reached 87.32 dollars, but, following this method may lead to huge losses, however, these losses will not be from your balance but will be from the profits that you have already achieved before!

      9.    Don’t be afraid of losing bets

      If you want to get into football Arabic betting, you have to be aware that you will definitely lose some bets! And everyone loses from time to time. However, if you follow a consistent betting strategy, your chances of winning, in the long run, will be significantly “greater”. It is also important to remember that your loss can come at any time! However, it is important to keep a record of your bets as we explained in Tip #6.

      10. Choose the best Arabic betting site

      When choosing the best Arabic betting site, you should know that you are half way to a fair and profitable betting experience! As you will get high odds, fair chance of winning, various bonuses, and you will be able to make your deposits and withdrawals quickly, easily and without any problems. In order to make this task easier for you, we recommend the best sites where you can play with complete safety.

      Arabic Bet – Football betting FAQ

      Football betting FAQ

      1.    What is the first step to start betting on sports?

      Arabic bet guide recommends as the first step to starting your football betting career is to choose a reliable site. In the beginning, bettors do not need to know all the details of sports betting in order to place bets that they can win, all they need is to register on a reliable and licensed betting site like Betfinal.

      2.   Is it safe to place sports betting online?

      Yes, as trusted football Arabic betting sites guarantee you the highest possible degree of security because they use firewalls, SSL and TSL protocols. It is the strongest security measure used to secure the data that is transmitted over the Internet, and this means that the hacker will not be able to see your data.

      3.    What is the legal age for sports betting?

      The legal age to sign up for football betting sites is 18, however some sites raise the minimum legal age to 21.

      4.    What is a money line bet?

      Moneyline bet is the simplest football bet ever, and in this bet, you decide the winning team of the match. Here is an example of a money line bet from the Premier League:
      Liverpool -530
      Manchester United +380
      Draw +100
      You can choose the outcome that you expect is most likely and you will win if your prediction is actually fulfilled.

      5.    What is your favorite team and what is your underdog team?

      The team that is likely to win is the favorite, and the underdog is the team that is expected to lose. The odds of the favored teams are marked with a negative sign, while the underdogs are marked with a positive sign. These signs tell bettors how dangerous their bets are and how likely they are to win. The lower the negative odds, the higher the chances of the favorite team winning. The higher the positive odds, the lower the chances of winning the underdog.

      6.    What is the meaning of the Over / Under bet?

      The Over/Under bet will target the total of goals or points that will be scored during the match. In this bet you expect the number of goals or points to be higher/lower than a certain number. For example, a sports betting site might offer the following possibilities for a hockey match:
      Al-Hilal Saudi Team (O 2)
      Al Ahli Saudi Team (U 3)
      In order to win this bet, Al-Hilal team must score two or more goals, or Al-Ahly team must score three or more goals.

      7.    What does (-125) mean?

      This bet indicates that it is placed on the preferred team. Which team is expected to win the match. This team has a 55.6% win rate. (Sports betting sites can turn bets into odds.) This probability also means that bettors have to wager $125 to win $100. Since this team is more likely to win, the bookmaker won’t pay more than that.

      8.    Where can I place a bet?

      Since placing bets is the primary process in sports Arabic betting, bettors must know how to find their preferred bet. At first, the player needs to choose a reliable football betting site, after that, he can sign up for this site, make his first deposit, then the player can choose the match he wants to bet on, then set the bet amount, and confirm his bet.

      9.    What is live betting?

      The basics or rules of live Arabic betting are no different from other sports bets! The advantage that live betting gives you is that the player can watch the match while placing a bet. Sometimes some teams have a hard start but get a good result in the end, other times some teams start strong and finish badly and this can only be predicted by watching the match itself. In addition, live betting allows users to take advantage of the changing odds and win from them.

      10. How much should I bet?

      Only bet the value you are willing to lose! It is best to set a betting budget and divide it by the number of bets you will place during the month, and then you can start betting. Professional bettors know how to spread their bets so they can balance winnings and losses.

      11.Which sports betting app offers the best odds?

      Betfinal site offers strong odds on the favorite and underdog teams and offers a lot of great rewards and promotions to the users. Besides football game, it supports more than 30 other sports that you can bet on, such as: (basketball, tennis, volleyball, boxing, wrestling), and it also supports virtual sports and electronic games as well.

      12.What are the worst online football betting mistakes?

      The worst soccer betting mistake is to bet on your favorite team instead of betting on the most likely team to win. If you try this method and face more losses, do not try to apply this strategy for a longer period, and do not think about chasing your losses, but even better, try to change the way you bet and take advantage of the bonuses that the bookmaker offers you.

      13. Are sports betting sites licensed and trusted in Arab countries?

      Although all forms of Arabic bet gambling are prohibited in Arab countries, Arab players can enter and play sports betting sites with complete security and privacy! As these sites are companies located in foreign countries and therefore the betting process takes place – in practice – in another country and not in the country in which you reside.

      14.What are the advantages of licensed football betting sites over illegal ones?

      Football betting sites offer you a completely secure environment for your financial and personal data, and they give you your winnings on time and without delay.

      15.What is the best way to deposit at a football betting site?

      There is no better financial method than the other in football betting sites, each financial means has its own characteristics. For example, bank cards give you great ease and flexibility of use, e-wallets give you unparalleled speed, while prepaid cards and cryptocurrencies offer you a high degree of security and privacy. Most sports bettors generally lean towards easy financial tools that are quick and easy to use, such as Skrill or PaySafeCard prepaid cards.

      16. How does a player rank the bonuses offered by football betting sites?

      When evaluating the bonuses offered by football betting sites, there are a lot of things that bettors should consider. The first and most important of all is the amount of the bonus, the financial method in which the deposit can be made to get the bonus, wagering requirements, and time frame for using the bonus.

      17. What are the wagering requirements?

      The wagering requirements are set by the football betting sites so that players do not withdraw their winnings from the bonus once they have received it! The wagering specifications requires you to wager the bonus amount more than once until you can make a withdrawable profit.

      18. What is a risk-free bet and how is it different from a free bet?

      A risk-free bet is a compensation for your losing bet and the player receives it as a bonus or as cashback that can be withdrawn without conditions. The free bet is a bonus and if you lose it you will not be able to get it back and a lot of conditions are placed on the free bet.

      19. How can I make money from the free bets offered by the site?

      When you get a free bet, you must meet the criteria set by the sports betting site. So Arabic bet guide always recommend that you read the terms and conditions before dealing with online football betting sites. Sometimes players are not able to make real profits from the bonuses offered by sports betting sites due to using the wrong financial method or betting on the wrong match.

      20. What is the processing time for deposits and withdrawals?

      No matter what financial method you will use, you can get your money quickly. For withdrawals, it can take up to 3 days to receive earnings if you use a bank card, 2 days if you use an e-wallet, and longer if you use a bank transfer, and the processing time for withdrawals depends on the site you are using.

      21. How do I make a deposit or withdrawal with my credit/debit card?

      The use of bank cards to make deposits and withdrawals is common among sports bettors. Since these financial ways are the easiest at all, and in order to be able to use bank cards, at first you must add this method on the betting site, and then you can decide how much money you want to deposit, and link your card to your account on the site. Most of the time, this process is done quickly.

      22. Can I use various financial methods on the sports betting site?

      Yes, you can use any financial means supported by football betting sites. However, you must make a withdrawal request using the same financial means with which you made your previous deposit. For example, if you used a Visa card to make your first deposit, you must use the same card to request a withdrawal.

      23. What are the safest financial payment methods?

      All financial methods are accepted by the sports betting site are completely safe, however it is important to be a little careful while using cryptocurrencies at present as these currencies are very volatile in price.

      24. What should I do if I think I am addicted to gambling?

      If you think you are addicted to gambling, stop betting and gambling immediately! Arabic bet guide recommends you ask the football betting company to freeze your Arab bet account, which means you can no longer be able to bet on these sites.

      25. How can you treat gambling addiction?

      There are many ways to treat the problem of gambling addiction. Arabic bet guide suggests contacting local or global support providers such as Gamblers Anonymous. You can also use antidepressant medications to stop the triggers that cause gambling. In addition, you can also join a self-help group.

      26. How do you avoid gambling addiction?

      To avoid gambling addiction, Arabic bet guide recommends that you keep an accurate record of all the money you spend, and only spend money you can afford to lose, and if it’s no longer fun, or if you’re gambling to overcome depression or some other mental illness, we recommend getting professional help and not going back to Betting again.

      27.What are the best sports betting bonuses?

      Sports Arabic betting sites offer a lot of great bonuses that you can take advantage of to achieve huge financial profits, and the most important bonuses that you can get from sports betting sites are Welcome offers, free bets, loss recovery offers, and accumulator betting insurance.